The Aristocrats

by King Friday

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Special thanks to Alex Folkerth, Malcolm Badewitz, Adrian Tuohy, Andy Westby, Matt Oakes, and all of our family, friends, and listeners. Thanks for putting up with us. Amen.


released April 22, 2014

Alex Lindner: piano, vocals
Matthew Sweeney: piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals
All songs by Alex Lindner and Matthew Sweeney. Steal these tunes if you must.



all rights reserved


King Friday Seattle, Washington

King Friday is Matthew Sweeney, Alex Lindner and Alex Folkerth. It's supposed to be fun.

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Track Name: A Chart Making Work Of Staggering Genius
There was this kid we knew from some forgotten town
said "Beat me out of me"
cause my me keeps hanging around
then something happened to the boy
when the circus came to town
where else can you get employed only for feeling down?
someone please hear me
and come reassure me
come reaffirm me
and take me in your arms
silence my alarm
tell me that you think that
fear is just a name
just a word we say
so beat me out of me
me keeps hanging around
hear me out and then
just heal my mind with sound
yeah something happened to the boys when the circus came to town
where else can you get employed only for feeling down?
Track Name: The Aristocrat
Then some aristocrat
walking by a Laundromat
said that's where they do laundry at
they have to pay
backwards I turned my hat
I'm young and white nerdy and fat
afraid that I would get attacked
went to my condo where I sat alone
played with my iphone
private school was such a bore
here everyone's so fucking poor
don't want to think things anymore
just want to drive
Honda accord up to the store
we'll buy some whiskey then some more
and drink until we hit the floor
til we don't have to feel things anymore
gotta get away
you drink again you'll lose your job you still look like a fuckin slob
a healthy body helps you have a healthy brain
cant barely move its such a chore
no wonder im so fucking bored
booze used to leak from every pore
no wonder you wont screw me anymore
Track Name: Human Resources
more bored than even the lord
when he made the world in less than a week
with me he made some mistakes
cause I get so baked I can't even speak
and at this rate don't think I'll last the week
pulling out my hair dear
think I see it so clear
think that I am bound to fall
think they thought they knew me
think they wanna use me
get me off the spinning ball
human resource better take the call
look into the void
I wanna take roids
I feel way too small
no bro
I don't even lift
or have any gifts
I'm nothing at all
this life's a joke how can you stand it all
Track Name: Genius In A Bottle
I was running with the herd trying not to get destroyed by the ones larger than me
There was something in the way that you were watching me that made me feel at ease
I would have liked to know that working nine to five is an incurable disease
But that's just how it goes for this genius in a bottle with nothing left up his sleeve
Like a sun she is a star I must rely
Upon the floor just like a dog I'm waiting for a broken bone
Life goes on I hardly even notice til you take me home
And don't you find it funny how the only thing that money brings are more problems to own
Like a sun she is a star I must rely on
Track Name: Cowboys Must Burn Their Eyes Always Riding At The Sun
Way back
Back when
Back when the ancients rose again
The banged drums
They had fun
They smoked ancient grass in ancient sun
They fell in love with every thing and every one
They smiled and they hugged
They filled ancient lungs with ancient drugs
Goodbyes in disguise were all they ever sung
Cowboys must burn their eyes always riding at the sun

What makes you so down
Tell me can't you see
You got brains and looks and stacks of books
Please read to me
I wish I was blessed
Why can't I receive
Some brains from books and some good looks from genes
Oh please
Let's go back when, back when the ancients roamed my friend